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We are part of the Colorado Proud program under Colorado's Dept of Agriculture


We started peddling fruit at farmerís markets in 1993. A fellow teacher, Dave Morton of Morton's Orchards, got us started. After a few years of being the middle man, we decided having our own orchard was something we wanted to pursue.

We purchased some land in 1996 and planted our first 90 trees. The next spring we planted the rest of our 850 trees.

Most of last year's growth is pruned off each spring.

Pruning time

Prunings are chopped.

Proprane Heating System comes in handy on cold spring nights


Full bloom at the foot of Mount Garfield

Thinning peaches helps them size correctly.

Future peach eaters!

Peaches are picked by hand.

We carefully sort the peaches and
immediately put them in the cooler
to prepare for shipping.

Doesn't that look yummy?

Quincy with a giant Red Globe weighing 1lb, 7oz.!

Please don't pinch my peaches!

After the harvest

"Winter Wonderland!"
"Winter Wonderland!"


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